Thiago Supaleather Modular Couch


Product Description

Thiago Supaleather Modular Couch—a versatile blend of style and adaptability. With its open-end design, this modular couch allows you to create custom seating arrangements to suit your space. The grey upholstery adds timeless charm while providing a neutral backdrop for your decor. The chaise section offers a comfortable spot for relaxation and lounging. Elevate your living area with this statement piece, where versatility meets style for a customized and inviting seating solution.

Key Features

Supa Leather Upholstery

The couch is elegantly upholstered in tech leather, providing a natural look and durability that stands up to daily use.

Modular Design

Its modular structure allows you to arrange the pieces to your preference, adapting effortlessly to various room layouts and occasions.

Sturdy Pine Wood Frame and Legs

Crafted with a solid pine wood frame and legs, the couch ensures stability and longevity, making it a reliable and long-lasting addition to your living space.

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