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So which is best? To buy new or reupholster your current furniture?

Furniture can easily get worn down from daily use, and when that happens, many people are quick to rush and purchase a brand-new piece, but that is not always the best option.


One big advantage of reupholstering over buying new is that it’s better for the surroundings. Unfortunately, most furniture in today’s world is mass-produced utilizing materials and methods that aren’t exactly sustainable. Your old sofa can stay out of the landfill thanks to a professional upholsterer, who will likely have their own recycling system in place for materials and fabric that aren’t part of your regular recycling.

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Whether sentimental or monetary, your furniture will mean something to you, and throwing that away for brand new can be difficult. Reupholstering, however, provides you with the ability to freshen up your tired and dated furniture, keeping with modern changes to your home without losing the steady comfort it has always provided. If it is an antique piece, changing the fabric can give the furniture a whole new lease of life without losing the value of the original piece.


Reupholstering your original furniture often means you have the freedom to craft a unique piece of furniture that is perfectly adapted to suit your needs. You can match the furniture to any room in your home, or you can choose the perfect fabric dependent on how much wear it will see or if you have children or pets. For example, at Hometri, we are able to produce cushions to different densities or thicknesses depending on your preference, ensuring a comfortable fit from the start.


One of the biggest benefits of reupholstering your furniture is that it is convenient. It can take a lot of effort to find new furniture you like that matches your home, however, if you reupholster, the only challenge you may be presented with is deciding which fabric to use. Reupholstering allows you to keep the shape and style of furniture that you know you like. It is especially good for furniture that has been chosen to match a specific style or fit into a specific gap. Reupholstering means you have the freedom of creating a whole new look, without the hassle of searching or compromising on the comfort you like.


Although upholstery is not always a cheap business, it is still worth considering. The present tendency in society toward mass-produced goods is frequently characterized by low quality and short lifespan. This may be said about a lot of furniture; for example, modern couches and armchairs aren’t usually as sturdy or well-made as their older counterparts. Because you are guaranteed high-quality fabric and workmanship, it is far more cost-effective to change the top layer of fabric than to buy a complete brand-new set every few years.

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Reupholstering your furniture can offer many benefits, including increased value, cost-effectiveness, and overall convenience. At Hometri, all upholstery is done by hand, meaning meticulous care is taken to look after your piece and ensure you are left with the highest quality work possible. For more information on our reupholstery services get in touch on 0691760348 or email us at 

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