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Regis tape



a tightly gathered header for an elegant finish

Pinch pleat curtains are a highly decorative heading, drawing together lots of fabric into a tightly gathered and stitched bunch at the top. They look great in all kinds of interiors, from chic or formal environments to relaxed settings. 

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Can my pinch pleat curtains be blackout?

Opt for a blackout lining to help to reduce light coming into your room, and increase the chances that you’ll get a better night’s sleep.

Blackout linings have thermal properties, so can help your room feel snug and cosy. For daytime privacy, that still allows plenty of light into a room, layer blackout curtains over sheer blinds or voile curtains.

What are the alternatives to Pinch pleat curtains?



What is a pinch pleat curtain?

Pinch pleat refers to the header of the curtain. The permanently sewn-in pleats can make for a smart finish, with elegant folds flowing from top to bottom. You can have pinch pleat curtains with either a pole or a track.

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Why should I choose pinch pleat curtains?

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  • Choose pencil pleat blackout curtains to block out the light for a dark and restful space or thermal pencil pleat curtains to help reduce heat loss and create a snug, cosy space.
  • Choose teal or blue pencil pleat curtains to bring a calming feel to your space or nature-inspired hues like green pencil pleat curtains for a refreshing and relaxed vibe.
  • Classic white pencil pleat curtains will bring a clean and timeless look to your window, while grey pencil pleat curtains provide subtle elegance, complementing any colour scheme.
  • They have simple and eye-catching clean lines for a minimalist, contemporary look.
  • Choose blackout eyelet curtains to create a dark and restful space.
  • Feel the benefits of thermal eyelet curtains – they provide an extra layer of insulation at your window to keep your space cosy and warm through the colder months.
  • Smooth eyelet rings mean your curtains will glide really easily across the pole when you want to adjust them.
  • Bring a refreshing feel to your room with green eyelet curtains, create a calming atmosphere with blue eyelet curtains or go for classic and elegant white eyelet curtains.
  • For a light and airy feel, choose eyelet Voile curtains. They delicately filter natural light while maintaining a sense of privacy.