Terms & Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions are an integral and supplementary part of an order placed with the Seller, which is based in Johannesburg (South Africa), for orders placed via the Internet or by telephone.


Unless otherwise agreed, deliveries shall be performed in accordance with the presented sample or model and its description. Colour, structure and processing shall be subject to change. Furthermore, any information shall be subject to errors due to technical deficiencies of our shop system or incorrect information provided by our suppliers.

Territorial Validity of our Offers and Prices

All prices are strictly net and include value-added tax in the case of delivery prices and shipping charges. Our offers are valid in Johannesburg, South Africa. For electronic appliances, a prepaid recycling charge is included in all prices. In this way, we make a contribution to the environmentally friendly disposal of light fixtures. The indicated delivery prices and shipping charges shall not apply to any orders with delivery addresses at remote locations. For such orders, please enquire about our conditions of shipment or delivery. We shall be happy to make you a favourable offer.

Payment Methods

By direct debit the payment amount will be due for immediate payment by direct debit to current account of indicated credit institute (current account) specified in ordering process via our external partner the Seller. Learn more here. Herewith you revocably authorize the Seller to collect payments to be made by you using direct debit from your current account by direct debit. If the current account has insufficient funds to cover the direct debit, there is no obligation for the credit institute to honour the payment. Partial payments are not admitted by direct debit.


The copyright to the design of our website and to its contents, including but not limited to texts and graphics, is held entirely by the Seller. Without our prior written consent, it shall not be permitted to copy, download or otherwise use any part thereof for one’s own purpose. This shall not apply to our special links that are provided for downloading.

Return and Refund Policy

Learn more here.

Conditions of redeeming vouchers in promotional campaigns

If not established otherwise, the voucher is only redeemable on products from the offer in our shop hometri.co.za  The voucher can’t be exchanged for other vouchers and/or gift cards. You can redeem only one voucher per order. It can’t be combined with other vouchers and gift cards. The terminal value of not-redeemed vouchers is lost. Cash payment isn’t possible. This voucher can’t be charged on prior order. The voucher can be redeemed only on products from the offer. A voucher is available for an amount of time described in the offer


We shall deliver our goods within the indicated delivery periods according to the product description. This shall not apply to any cases for which we are not responsible.

The time specified in the dates are related to working days (from Monday to Friday) and not to calendar days (weekend and public holidays).

Time of Ordering, Ownership

The contract between the Seller and you as the Customer shall come into existence at the time and date when you accept the General Terms and Conditions and bindingly confirm an order on our website. You as the Customer hereby recognise the logged content of our website as a means of evidence. You shall receive an email containing your order as a confirmation if correct information has been provided.

Limitation of ownership; Netting; Right of retention

  1. For consumers we reserve the ownership of underlying purchased item till full payment of the bill. If you are an entrepreneur exercising your business activity or self-employed, a legal individual under public law or public sector fund, we retain the ownership of underlying purchased item till consolidation of all outstanding claims from the business transactions with the customer. The relevant security rights can be transferred to third parties.
  2. A right of netting is available for you if your counterclaims are legally established or recognized or accepted from our side. You also have a right of retention only if and when your claim is related to the same contract.
  3. If the customer possesses any default payment obligations towards us, all existing receivables are due immediately.