64cm Artificial White Orchid


An ageless and subtly exquisite accent to your décor is the 64-cm Artificial White Orchid. This meticulously crafted piece features lifelike details, perfectly capturing the beauty of nature without the need for maintenance.

Material: Plant Polythene (Flower) and Ceramic (Pot)
Height: 64cm

The Artificial White Orchid is a stunning replica, showcasing delicate petals and realistic foliage. Superior Plant Polythene is used to ensure a natural appearance and feel, and the ceramic pot elevates the presentation with a hint of refinement.

Ideal for those who desire the allure of fresh flowers without the upkeep, this artificial orchid becomes a striking centerpiece or accent piece in any room. With the 64cm Artificial White Orchid, you can add timeless elegance and beauty to your environment.

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