Desire Boucle Club Chair



With just one glance, one can almost feel the comfort that the Desire Chair offers. It truly is a gorgeous offering that embodies unblemished perfection in its design and highlights the masterful craftsmanship of its creators. A special kind of fabric is needed to create such an inviting sight. For this reason, Boucle fabric was handpicked, carefully sewn, and upholstered to its frame. This creates a heavenly blanket of style and comfort.

Draped in this gorgeous fabric is an equally gorgeously crafted wooden frame that conveys modernity through its elegant curves that seamlessly flow from the back and armrests. Comfortably lounge for hours as you read or watch with the help of well-positioned medium-density foam. So gather the family as you celebrate its arrival, as this one-of-a-kind seat of perfection will bring elegance and modernity to any space in your home. The Desire Chair is best paired with a monochromatic rug and a gorgeous floor rug.

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