Graystone Velvet Headboard


If you are considering upgrading your bedroom, why not start with the bed? A headboard is an excellent addition to revamping your bedroom. Our Graystone upholstered headboard can give a distinct look to your bedroom.

Luxurious velvet evokes thoughts of kings, splendor, sophistication, and elegance! Then why not just add luxury to your bedroom with the Graystone Upholstered Velvet Headboard?

Using the classic influence of decor and pairing it with sleek outlines, we have created a headboard that suits every bedroom decoration. The broad color palette will encourage you to be imaginative, empowering you to remain impartial or add that pop of color you have always wanted to try. You’re going to make a real style statement with the graystone. Don’t wait for long; pick yours now!

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